Open sourced at GitHub link scraper integrated with real-debrid to unrestrict links plus integration with download managers aria2, pyLoad, KGet and IDM (Internet Download Manager) or use the default built-in download accelerator to save direct to your desktop instead...

  1. Link Scraping
  2. File Hosters
  3. Filter Favorites
  4. Direct Downloads

Qt5 based desktop widget for scraping and organising links from various download feeds/sites.

Currently supporting link scraping together with integrating with real-debrid to unrestrict links (a valid real-debrid account and api_token is necessary).

Finally, integration with Aria2 RPC Daemon (windows/linux), pyLoad (linux), IDM (Internet Download Manager; windows only), KGet (linux) or built-in direct download to your desktop is all included and easy to configure from the GUI.

Windows / Mac OS X

Linux Install

Install via Python Package Index (PyPi)
with pip (recommended)
or easy_install

PyPi Package Page: tvlinker

$ sudo pip3 install tvlinker

Python3 v3.5.2 + PyQt5 v5.7.0

Source Code